Jake Noel has over 10 years working with, studying, and teaching the human body. His clients have ranged from World-class and professional athletes, Olympians, CrossFitters, and championship collegiate athletes to regular people from every walk of life. He specializes in those with immobilizing injuries, frustratingly persistent pain (even after trying many rehabilitative approaches), and many who just want to experience the benefits of deep, thorough bodywork and manual therapy. His treatments center on developing improved posture, better body mechanics, and pain-free and dysfunction-free movement.

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What are soft tissue therapies?

Soft tissue therapies are bodywork therapies, often manual therapies, that a rehabilitation professional can use to reduce and eliminate pain and aid in creating full range movement. Examples of soft tissue therapies include:

Trigger Point Therapy
Structural Integration
Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Release Therapy
Joint Mobilization
PNF stretching
Deep Tissue
Gua Sha

Soft tissue therapies work because rather than avoiding or masking injury, these treatments physically interact with and improve the quality and orientation of the damaged tissues that lie at the core of dysfunction and pain.