Jake’s method for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement has been successful for one reason above all else – it focuses on improving movement quality. Through manual soft tissue therapy and in-person instruction (for those within the GTA) or online consultation (for those living outside the Greater Toronto Area), clients gain a mastery of their bodies and improve their abilities to perform movement freely and without pain.


In-Person Clients

Jake is based out of Toronto, and performs in-person assessments and treatments including:

Trigger Point Therapy
Structural and Postural Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Release
Joint Mobilization
PNF Stretching / Integrative Techniques
Deep Tissue
Corrective Exercise
Movement / Exercise Coaching
Fitness Programming

Jake works at various locations in the GTA, but is primarily based in Leslieville located about 15 minutes from Downtown Toronto.

Contact Jake to discuss your needs and/or book.

Online Clients

Every new client begins by having his/her movement assessed (performed via videos submitted by the client) coupled with an online video chat. During that time, we discuss the steps you need to take next to improve movement quality and/or get and stay pain free. Self-care, mobilization, corrective exercise, and cueing are all used to aid you in the process. We use a volume of videos demonstrating every corrective technique you need, so you always have a reference for anything you’re assigned.

Many clients are able to improve performance and/or rehabilitate fully with these techniques alone from a single consultation. However, some have needs that reach further than what a single consult can provide. For those individuals, a full movement re-patterning plan may need to be developed. Re-patterning, in most cases, lasts around 8 weeks and this plan solidifies proper, pain-free mechanics so you can feel confident that you're using the best mechanics for you in your movements.

To begin, contact Jake with questions or to schedule a consultation so your needs can be assessed.